Why all the foxes?

Some history:

When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a dog. I guess many children grow up having ideas about being another type of animal. Of course, the classic is the young girl telling mommy that “when I grow up and get married, I don’t want babies, I want to have kittens!”

I soon found that dogs were – well, just dogs. I wanted some higher intelligence, some craftiness, some guile, something cleverly wicked to come out of the woods, to mess with us goofy humans and subservient dogs.

I discovered Foxes. I read a book about them, and realized, yes, that is my spirit animal.

This idea has followed me ever since age 9. In college, my Run_ID on the Sperry Univac 1100/80 was Fox. Then I met a competitor named FoxA who I thought was a female. It did not compute.

Later on at Playnet ( A precursor to C-link, which was a precursor to AOL ) my Run_ID was FoxC1.

I was known in college as Fox.

Later when I got my own websites, I set up Animalistik.com, without a clue as what to do with it. Call it instinct. When I moved back up to the Adirondack Mountains I decided to do this, a source for animal advocacy, rescue, care and communication.

That’s all I have for this first post, I’ll come out of the woods and visit from time to time, maybe tell you a secret or two, or a joke, or just come out and jump around on your trampoline.
Peace and paws.