Service Directory

This is a partial directory of Animal Services in New York State

Several notes:  This site is in the process of being developed. There will be a search field, that will tailor your result with  maps, and customized information.  Once searched for, the items related to your search will appear, not the entire list. So, be patient.


Information that is missing:

  • E-mail is left to a webform, which makes sense; otherwise immense of spam will occur.
  • Phones are often not published, same reason.
  • Websites may not be necessary for some providers.
  • Categories are primary only, since often a service provider will offer multiple services; Rescue most always involves Adoption, and many Veterinarians will take more than dogs or cats.
  • FB is a link to the site’s Facebook page if they have one.

Note that the fields with a green background are ‘clickable’ – it will come up as another tab in your browser. This list can also be printed out. E-mail me if you would like to have the raw data in this list for research purposes. A nominal donation will be accepted.

You can, however download this list for free, and search on your own.


Viewable list on this page to come, enjoy the PDF in the meantime.