Why all the foxes?

Some history:

When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a dog. I guess many children grow up having ideas about being another type of animal. Of course, the classic is the young girl telling mommy that “when I grow up and get married, I don’t want babies, I want to have kittens!”

I soon found that dogs were – well, just dogs. I wanted some higher intelligence, some craftiness, some guile, something cleverly wicked to come out of the woods, to mess with us goofy humans and subservient dogs.

I discovered Foxes. I read a book about them, and realized, yes, that is my spirit animal.

This idea has followed me ever since age 9. In college, my Run_ID on the Sperry Univac 1100/80 was Fox. Then I met a competitor named FoxA who I thought was a female. It did not compute.

Later on at Playnet ( A precursor to C-link, which was a precursor to AOL ) my Run_ID was FoxC1.

I was known in college as Fox.

Later when I got my own websites, I set up Animalistik.com, without a clue as what to do with it. Call it instinct. When I moved back up to the Adirondack Mountains I decided to do this, a source for animal advocacy, rescue, care and communication.

That’s all I have for this first post, I’ll come out of the woods and visit from time to time, maybe tell you a secret or two, or a joke, or just come out and jump around on your trampoline.
Peace and paws.

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Why This?

Fox Face Picture

There are a lot of animal advocacy sites.
That is good.

I’m here to add both my voice, your voice, and while we’re at it, your friends voice.  I’m going to be setting this up as a ‘classified’s ad’ site, so anyone with an interest, endeavor, or advocacy can register, and then post. If you want to advertise your business with me, that would be great.

Let’s say you are a small town adoption agency and you don’t have money to spend on advertising, a website and Facebook just doesn’t seem to do it.

How much reach do you have?

That’s my pitch.  Message me ( FoxC1@AnimalistiK.com ) and I’ll keep you updated (no sales spam. I hate that too).

Peace and Paws.